Meet Our Team

  • Krista Harmon Career Exploration Coordinator 365-2369

    Krista is a self-described “career geek,” helping people of all ages connect their unique interests, values, and strengths to careers for over 20 years. Focused on the Healthcare sector, she now helps young people discover their career interests through “see, touch, and hear” job shadow experiences. Helping teens find careers that “fit” drives Krista’s work.

    Despite receiving poor career advice herself, Krista found her way to her “dream job” through education and on-the-job experience. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in both Psychology and Group Social Science (plus secondary-level State of MI teaching credentials) from Grand Valley State University. Training also includes NCDA Global Career Development Facilitator certification. Krista’s primary goal is assisting her three teenage children become caring, independent, joy-filled adults.

  • Eric Kelliher Career Readiness Consultant 365-2350

    Before joining the ISD, Eric spent 15 years in a variety of industries including in K12 education, banking, higher education, and retail as a corporate trainer. What he didn’t know was that this wide spectrum of experiences would prepare him perfectly for his current role as a Career Readiness Consultant. He has since seen the light, and now seeks to assist other educators in realizing the true value of connecting curriculum to careers and truly preparing students for the next step in life.

    Eric’s spare time is consumed coaching and watching his kids’ Little League teams, going on bike rides with his wife and 3 children, and trying to get to a place where he actually enjoys running. Eric received his BS in Education from Central Michigan and his MA in Curriculum and Educational Technology from Ball State. He is also certified as Career Development Facilitator.

  • Richard Mushing STEM Consultant 364-1333 x2326

    Rick’s personal goal in education is to provide students with engaging experiences that promote exploration in a variety of career fields and help students build connections between their skills and potential life-long careers.

    Rick has a background in engineering, geographic information systems, software development, and entrepreneurship. His experience also includes six years teaching Pre-Engineering and Architecture at Kent Career Technical Center, 16 years as the Vice President for a local engineering firm, and three years consulting for international companies.

    Rick holds a Master’s degree in Curriculum Development, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Career and Technical Education, Mechanical Engineering Design Technology and a state certification for Occupational Education.

  • Cary Stamas Director of Career Readiness 364-1333 x2385

    Cary Stamas was born with a passion for education. His career ambition is to help students achieve their goal in whatever environment makes them successful.

    Before joining the team as Director, Cary spent time as a Physics and Calculus teacher, Assistant Principal at Sparta High School, middle school Principal in Caledonia, Principal of MySchool@Kent, and administrator for 8 Kent Career Tech Center programs. He also enjoys coaching football and wrestling, loves to read, draw and is an avid scuba diver.

    Cary received his teaching certificate in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Miami and Hope College, his Educational Leadership Master’s Degree from Central Michigan University and is currently completing his Ph.D. in K-12 Leadership from Western Michigan University. Cary and his wife, Jeni, have two children, Alex and Katy.

  • Gerry Verwey Career Readiness Consultant 364-1333 x2339

    Gerry’s passion is in education and he hopes to inspire young adults to be good people and positive leaders. He was a science teacher for 16 years, most recently at Kent Innovation High. Gerry has been nominated for the Michigan Teacher of the Year, Michigan Science Teacher of the Year, and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science. 

    Throughout his career, Gerry has helped connect industry and community partners with classroom teachers to benefit everyone involved. He currently serves as a Career Readiness Consultant, STEM Consultant, and program director for a new teacher mentorship program.

    He graduated from Grand Valley State University and Wright State University with degrees in secondary education, biology, earth science, integrated science, health, and teacher leadership. Gerry is an avid runner and loves traveling. He also coaches cross country and track at Grace Christian University.