Student Resources

The resources identified in this section primarily target student activities and lesson plans to learn about diversity, stop bullying, and cyber bullying.  There are some resources for staff background and development around these topics.

Teaching Tolerance - Lesson plans, articles, links, free magazine and free video kits - super educational aid.

Tanenbaum - Tanenbaum offers real world solutions to real world problems: religious discrimination and hate.

Google Arts & Culture - Explore collections from around the world with Google Arts & Culture, created by Google Cultural Insititute.  Discover artworks, collections and stories from all around the world like never before.  Extraordinary details and easy to share!

Global Oneness Project - Inspire students to rethink their relationship to the world.  They offer free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school and college classrooms. Their award-winning collection of films, photo essays, and articles explore cultural, social, and environmental issues with a humanistic lens. Aligned to National and Common Core Standards, the curriculum content contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning and facilitates the development of active, critical thinking. Each month, they release a new story and accompanying lesson plan. All of the content and resources are available for free with no ads or subscriptions.

Racial Equity Tools - Racial Equity Tools is designed to support individuals and groups working to achieve racial equity. This site offers tools, research, tips, curricula and ideas for people who want to increase their own understanding and to help those working toward justice at every level – in systems, organizations, communities and the culture at large...

MI Toolkit - MI Toolkit is a monthly webzine and toolkit that offers information and resources on improving student achievement.

The King Center - The King Center offers a repository of primary sources and information on MArtin Luther King, Jr. and the American Civil Rights Movement.

peacefirst - Call for young people across the globe to stand up and come together and enguage fully, collectively, and purposefully to inprove the world around them.

British Columbia Teacher's Federation - Lesson plans and resources.

Peace Corps /World Wise Schools - Free lesson plans for all levels about diversity with a global perspective.

Learning to Give - Educating youth about the importance of giving their time, talent, and treasure for the common good.

Annenberg Classroom - Lesson plans on social issues.

PBS LearningMedia - Discussion guidelines and lesson plans

Civil Rights Lesson Plans - Coordinates with recommended book "Putting the Movement Back into Civil Rights Teaching".

Brown v. Board of Education by Landmark Case: Wonderful resource for teachers, different reading levels, lesson plans, background information, etc.

Islamic Networks Group - A non-profit organization whose mission is to counter prejudice and discrimination against American Muslims by teaching about their traditions and contributions in the context of America’s history and cultural diversity, while building relations between American Muslims and other groups. Founded in 1993, ING achieves its mission through education and community engagement.

Facing History and Ourselves National Foundation, Inc. -  Provides a range of resources - printed, network-based, speakers bureau, videotapes - to confront racism, prejudice, and anti-Semitism in schools and wider society.

Action Without Borders - Connects people, organizations and resources to help build a world where all people can live free and dignified lives.

Building Equality -  Studying hate, prejudice, & oppression. Long & varied list of websites for building equality.

United Nations Cyberschoolbus - Ethnic and Racial Discrimination lesson plans (as well as a multitude of diverse programs).

ADL - Combating Hate - resources on Hate Crimes law and legislation 

Preventing Hate Crimes -  Grabel & Associates have a website with resources about Hate Crimes (as well as a great menu of other resources).

Hate Crimes Guide - from Injury Claim Coach; empowering injured victims 

Grand Rapids Pride Center - Local organization empowering our LGBTQ community through supportive services and awareness.  Social support groups meet regularly.

GLSEN (Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network) - Championing LGBT issues in K-12 Education.  Teir mission is to create safe and affirming schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.

Starting a GSA Club?  GLSEN Jump Start - This resource is for new and already-established Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) or similar clubs. Learn how to establish or re-establish your group, identify your mission and goals, and assess your school's climate. Jump Start your school and your GSA to create safer schools for all!

Gender Spectrum - They provide an array of services and resources designed to help families, schools, professionals, and organizations understand and address concepts of Gender identity and expression.

Welcoming Schools - Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools For All Children & Families.  HRC Foundation's Welcoming Schools is the nation's premier professional development program dedicated to creating respectful and supportive elementary schools by embracing family diversity, creating LGBTQ- and gender-inclusive schools, preventing bias-based bullying, and supporting transgender and non-binary students.

Equality Michigan (EQMI) - They have been working for 25 years to achieve full equality and respect for all Michigan residents regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Michigan’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people are working to achieve basic fairness and equality in our state. We want to live in safe communities, take care of our families, and contribute to our social, cultural, political, and economic lives and wellbeing. EQMI serves as MI’s premiere statewide political advocacy organization working toward the achievement of these goals.

Lamda Legal - Know your rights for LGBT students.  Lambda Legal continues to fight for equal justice for LGBT people and people living with HIV in all areas of our lives using a multipronged strategy.

NEA edjustice - Create Safe and affirming school climates for LGBTQ Students

Frameline Youth in Motion - promotes acceptance, builds leadership skills, and creates safer schools for queer and trans youth.  Framline LGBTQ films and interactive curriculum guides are available for free to schools nationwide.

Start a Be Nice. Chapter at your school!  Be Nice is a mental health awareness, bullying and suicide prevention initiative that focuses on school-wide change through simple, daily actions.

Resources from The Bullying Business - a list of resources compiled by Commercial Capital Training Group on the topic of Bullying.  Resource shared with me by students from Brenham Community Center! Community - Stop Bullying  - Stop Bullying is a professional learning community (PLC) that is formulated to be a place where educators can share and learn about resources that will help them reduce the amount of bullying behaviors in their school.  You may join for free!

NEA's Bully Free - It Starts With Me - The National Education Association brought together researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and other key education stakeholders to discuss and frame the critical role that school climate plays in the prevention of bullying.

Teaching Tolerance  - Great list of articles,professional development, clasrrom resources, film kits, Mix It Up day information, webinars, and sitn up to get their free Magazine.

Stop Bullying Now! - Take a Stand, Lend a Hand. Stop Bullying Now! Interactive for kids. Lots of resources to download or order. Developed by US Dept. of Health and Human Resources, etc.

Bullying Awareness Guidebook - Bullying is a serious subject, with short and long-term implications for both the victim and the bully. The guide below brings awareness to numerous types of bullying and who may be targeted, while also providing guidance to students, parents, educators and school professionals on how to prevent and stop this debilitating public aggression. Special attention is given to cyberbullying, an ever-growing issue for today’s generation.

Not in our Town - Not in our Schools - Across the country, students and teachers are sharing stories, joining together and taking action to create safe schools, free from stereotypes, intolerance, and hate. They’re part of a movement called Not In Our School (NIOS). For more than a decade, Not In Our School has inspired students of all ages to develop and share innovative ways to resist bullying and promote an atmosphere of acceptance and inclusion.

Facing History and Ourselves Bullying Resource page - Bullying—repeated aggressive behavior with an intent to hurt another person physically, socially, or mentally—is characterized by an imbalance of power between an instigator and a victim. It may occur in schools, online, and many other settings, and may involve physical aggression, social exclusion, derogatory comments, spreading rumors, or racial or sexual stereotyping. Facing History and Ourselves provides a wealth of resources to help students and teachers explore the moral choices we face when confronted with bullying. To create safe schools, we need to think critically about the dynamics and impact of bullying in schools and communities, explore how young people and adults can stand up to this behavior, and learn how to prevent it.

The BULLY Project - Tools and Resources - At the heart of preventing bullying and cruelty is creating strong, caring school communities and families. The BULLY Project has partnered with a remarkable list of educational experts to help you along the way.

Crisis Prevention - School Bullying Resources and References - Developing an understanding of bullying and the facts and myths that surround it is critical to dealing effectively with bullying behaviors. Creating an emotionally and physically safe environment requires a coordinated effort among staff, family, the organization, and the community.

AAA State of Play Guide to Bullying Prevention - Bullying amongst children is a serious problem that is far too often written off as a rite of passage, or as "kids being kids." It is, however, a very dangerous form of aggression that causes injuries, fear, embarrassment, reduced self-esteem, and depression in the victim. Studies have shown that bullying occurs on the playground as often as every seven minutes. In the classroom, a child is bullied every twenty-five minutes. Even the Internet has turned into an instrument of aggression in the form of cyberbullying, which can take place at any time, day or night. Whether it occurs on the playground, in the classroom, or online, bullying can become so severe that some children may avoid going to school out of fear or embarrassment. In the most extreme cases, children have even committed suicide as a means to escape it. Despite its severity, little is done to put a stop it when it takes place. According to the National School Climate Center, eighty-five percent of the time there is no intervention from either other children or adults. Parents who understand bullying and the effect that it has on kids can make strides to prevent it from occurring.

No Name Calling Week  - We celebrate kindness by putting it into action! Every year for No Name-Calling Week, GLSEN provides students and educators with the tools and inspiration to launch an on-going dialogue about ways to challenge bullying and name-calling in their communities.

Center for Safe Schools  - For nearly two decades, the Center for Safe Schools has been committed to serving as a statewide clearinghouse for schools, law enforcement, parents and others on school safety and youth violence prevention.

National School Safety Center  - The National School Safety Center serves as an advocate for safe, secure and peaceful schools worldwide and as a catalyst for the prevention of school crime and violence. NSSC provides school communities and their school safety partners with quality information, resources, consultation, and training services.

Partners Against Hate  offers promising education and counteraction strategies for young people and the wide range of community-based professionals who work and interact with youth, including parents, law enforcement officials, educators, and community/business leaders.

A Call to Stop Bullying  VoiceNation's non profit organization, Voice4Nations, is extremely passionate about our Anti-Bullying Project to reduce the serious effects bullying has on kids and teens at school and in the community. We are working to raise awareness and reduce the impact of serious issues bullies, those being bullied, and their families face by providing helpful go-to resources for kids, parents, educators, and school programs. This resource was shared by the students of Jefferson District Library in California!

I’ve seen many great LiveBinders published for educational purposes.  Thought people working on your districts or building anti-bullying initiatives might be interested in this one - Dawna Hatcher’s Bully Binder.

Bullying by the numbers: A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts from Wristband Resources

Bullying in the US - Rates, Tips, and ResoucesBullying can come in various forms, and we need the tools to deal with each. No one should be left to feel alone, hurt or ashamed due to harmful behavior. Included in this article are definitions, statistics, and helpful resources for stopping and preventing bullying.  Resource shared by Reese.