Office of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Belonging, Equity & Inclusion are the Guiding principles in the center and Learning & Development, Diverse Workforce, Structural & Systemic Justice, Intersectionality, and Learning Environments (culture) surround those principles and represent action areas

Diversity, Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Transformation Community Info Session RSVP

Kent ISD affiliates are invited to an information session about a newly formed Diversity, Belonging, Equity and Inclusion Transformation Community, designed for P-12 educators who are engaged in or leading efforts in these areas for their school or district. Several information sessions are available in April. If you would like to attend, please select your desired date below and submit this form.

“Those who practice leadership for equity must confront, disappoint, and dismantle and at the same time energize, inspire and empower.” - Sharon Daloz Parks

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(Adapted from Disruptive Equity Education Project)

DIVERSITY is representation. Can be measured through numbers and is usually tracked by race, gender, sexual identity, age, education, economic background.

BELONGING is the ongoing culture created to have all people feel welcome across difference. Manifested in the relationships, in conversations, physical space and written word. 

INCLUSION is the participation. Inclusion is usually achieved when diverse populations are involved in decision-making that impacts the policies and practices of the organization.

EQUITY requires changing structures of power & privilege so disparities of historically underrepresented groups are eliminated and therefore outcomes cannot be predicted by that grouping.