SCECH Information


Kent ISD Career Readiness is pleased to support counselors  by providing up to 10 opportunities to earn SCECH (State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) through participation in our popular Talk & Tour Career Series events.  

These SCECHs will count towards the School Counselor Career Exploration requirements.

Each Talk & Tours event provides counselors an opportunity to meet and learn directly from 4-5 professionals, right in their work settings. A variety of career pathways are available.

Through a moderated panel discussion, counselors will learn about:

  • a variety of career paths available in a high-demand industry

  • education and training requirements needed

  • the daily tasks and responsibilities of 4-5 occupations

  • "Inside-scoop" , current industry information not readily available through standard career research resources

  • Recommendations, guidance and encouragement from awesome panelists

  • current workplace environments, seen firsthand through a guided tour 

These career exploration events will help counselors provide accurate and relevant information to their students as they explore and prepare for post-secondary opportunities.

SCECHs are available for 10 Talk & Tour Career Series events throughout the 2019/2020 school year. Each event lasts just under 2 hours. SCECH forms will be available at the events. 

Current SCECH offerings:


Offering 4        March 24, 2020               Grand Rapids Police Department – Public Safety event

Offering 5        March 18, 2020               Rockford Construction – Construction and Engineering event

Offering 6        March 25, 2020               Swoboda – Engineering event- CANCELED

Offering 7        April 14, 2020                  Grand Rapids Symphony – Arts and Communication event

Offering 8        April 14, 2020                  Cherry Health – Health Care event

Offering 9        April 30, 2020                  Pine Rest – Health Care event

Offering 10      Mary 6, 2020                   Spectrum Health – Health Care event