Public School/Public Transit and Motor Carrier Collaboration- February 2014

Ms. Sharron Edger, Passenger Transportation Administrator, MDOT
Mr. Ken Micklash, Pupil Transportation Consultant, MDE

Safe Routes to School - February 2014

Ms. Meg Thomas-Ackerman, Director Safe Routes to School, Michigan Fitness Foundation
Mr. David Hornak, Principal, Horizon Elementary, Holt, Michigan


Transporting Pre-school Student Safely and Legally - April 2018

Karen Kubiak, Northeast Michigan Community Service Agency


Preparing for Special education Transportation - April 2018

Katrina Morris, West Shore Education Service District


Communicating with Students, Parents, Staff and Community - March 2013

Mr. Jim Davis, Director of Student Services, Lansing School District


Managing in a Labor/Management Contract Environment – March 2013

Mr. Art Przbylowicz, Michigan Education Association
Ms. Lisa Swem, Thrun Law PC

Updating Medical Self-Certification – March 2013

Mr. John Harris, Director, Records Section, Michigan Department of State.


School Bus Driver Medical Examination Standards – September 2015

Sgt. Joe Austin, Manager MSP Commercial Motor Vehicle Waiver Board


Latest Driver Licensing and Certification Process - April 2018

Ryan Smith, Michigan Department of State




Updating the School Bus Inspection Process, March 2013

Lt. Steven Horwood, Commander MSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division
Sgt. Mike McLaughlin, MSP Commander, School Bus Inspection Unit


Introduction and State Police School Bus Inspections - February 2014

Sgt. Mike McLaughlin, MSP Commander, School Bus Inspection Unit
Inspector William Young, Michigan State Police


Managing an Emergency – September 2015

Mr. Darryl Hofstra, Transportation Director, Forest Hills Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Mi.


Bus Pre-Trip Inspection – September 2015

Mr. Doug Francis, Asst. Transportation Director, Gaylord Pubic Schools