Five Things Athletic Directors & Supervisors Need to Know



2018-19 Title IX Reporting & Activity Calendar  

1.  Become familiar with the Title IX Portion of the OK Conference Handbook (Section IE) and learn to recognize potential problems. Part of this process is learning how to access and complete reporting documents. Reporting forms (Excel)

2.  Present gender equity information, both written and oral, at each preseason meeting.

3.  Conduct a student interest survey every three years. First done conference wide in 2007, the most recent survey was completed in spring 2016. The next survey will be conducted in 2019. Links for the survey and results for your district  will be shared  prior to the next due date.

4.  Complete the OK Conference Gender Equity Comprehensive Audit (GECA) every five years. This is the most thorough report, with data collected by a committee of school and community members. The data is verified by the school or district's Title IX coordinator, the superintendent and board of education. The first GECA was complete in 2009 based on facts and figures from the 2007-2008 school year. The most recent GECA was due April 2014 based on facts and figures from the 2012-2013 school year. The next date has been moved to June for 2019 due to the Student Interest Survey completion falling in the same year. Comprehensive Audit of Title IX Compliance is located at this link .
     Copy of GECA Handbook and Forms

5.  Be aware that each School District must be "substantially proportionate" in male and female sports when cutting programs (Section 106.41 ).