Superintendent Search 2021

Kent ISD Board Suspends Superintendent Search

Citing the extraordinary challenge of searching for new leadership amid a worldwide pandemic that has brought huge stress on educators at all levels, the Kent ISD School Board today suspended its search for a new superintendent and asked Interim Superintendent Ron Koehler to remain until conditions return to "some sense of normalcy."

Board President Andrea Haidle said the board learned during Koehler's interim service how heavily the pandemic, work-at-home orders and other unusual circumstances had weighed on the Kent ISD staff of more than 1,000 members and decided now was not the time for a change.  Before taking the interim position, Koehler committed to remain as superintendent unil the board found permanent leadership."

"This pandemic has stressed us all, but few have been stressed as much as educators and educational leadership," Haidle said. "We received just 13 applications for what is widely viewed as one of the premier education leadership positions in the state. One of our primary goals was a diverse pool of candidates, yet we received no candidates of color. While we thank the search consultants for their work in this process, we have to believe the unusual times in which we are operating had an impact on the candidates who applied. 

"Our staff deserve a well known and welcome leader during this time as we work towards a sense of normalcy.” Koehler worked at Kent ISD for 23 years, and more than a dozen as an assistant superintendent, before retiring in 2019.

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