DPPD- District Provided Professional Development

DPPD (District Provided Professional Development)

Michigan teachers can utilize DPPD (District Provided Professional Development) for the purpose of Professional and Occupational certificate renewal.

Michigan districts are required to provide five (5) days of professional development, equivalent to 30 clock hours, per school year.  DPPD can be used towards renewal of Professional and Occupational certificates.  For more information regarding renewal, please visit the Educator Certification site.

DPPD Documentation

In order for a teacher to use DPPD for renewal of a Professional/Occupational certificate, the teacher must have a DPPD Record for Certificate Renewal form for each school year. All DPPD is entered manually into MOECS (Michigan Online Educator Certification System), printed, and attached to the DPPD form.  The form must be signed by the teacher's principal or another district designee. Before signing the form the principal/designee must verify the following:

  1. The teacher completed all five (5) days offered by the district for the listed school year.
  2. There is sufficient documentation of this DPPD activity in case it is needed for a record audit.
  3. The DPPD was appropriate to the grade level and content endorsement(s) of this teacher's certificate.

If the district does not have documentation to support these statements or cannot verify the DPPD listed by the teacher on the form, the form should not be signed.

Districts should keep documentation to support:

1. That the professional development was conducted. Examples:

  • Sign in/Sign out Sheets
  • Travel reimbursement/receipts
  • Receipts for food service
  • Evidence that off-site professional development content was brought back and shared with staff at the school/district
  • Evidence of work completed during the professional development
  • Receipts for speaker's fees or stipends
  • Calendar records accompanied by reflections/journals

2. That the topic matches what was reported by the teacher and indicates content appropriate for renewing the teacher's certificate. Examples:

  • Agendas
  • Completed registration forms
    Inclusion in a teacher's professional development plan (if necessary)
  • Inclusion in the School Improvement Plan
  • Student achievement data indicating a need

3. That the participants attended the activity. Examples:

  • Sign in/Sign out Sheets (attendance record)
  • Evidence of work completed during professional development (reflections, journals, school improvement plan revisions)
  • District phoned-in attendance records
  • Evidence of subsequent changes in instruction directly related to content of professional development activity
  • Attendance list and minutes of professional learning community Session(s)

The district does not need to keep all items listed in the documentation section. A variety of examples have been provided. Sign in/Sign out sheets accompanied by agendas are the preferred documentation.


Please contact Beth Rudolph at 616.365.2288 with questions regarding DPPD.