Common Calendar Agreements 2019-2020


  1. Start date for students - Kent ISD will begin two weeks prior to Labor Day (2019 - week of August 19)
  2. Thanksgiving Break - Wednesday through Sunday. No Center Programs on Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. GOAL:  No students on Wednesday in local districts. Optional for staff to report on Wednesday. (2019 - November 27-29)
  3. Winter (Holiday) Break - December 20 (end of school day) - January 6. No district is to schedule days off outside of the perpetual calendar formula. No instructional days during the holiday break.
  4. Mid-Winter Break - If you schedule one, must be held within the 3rd full week of February (week beginning with President's Day) (2020 - Week of February 17)
  5. Spring Break - First FULL week in April (2020 - April 6-10)
    Friday before Spring Break - No Center Programs. No students at local district. (2020 - April 3) Optional for staff to report on Friday.

*Alternative Calendar Schedule schools must apply to the Michigan Department of Education.

PDF of signed agreement

Local District Recess Calendar - See start and end dates, as well as breaks for all of our districts.