We Lead Learning

Our Mission:

Kent ISD serves our customers by providing value-added service through collaboration and leadership for learning.

Our Vision:

Kent ISD will be the community's first choice for educational services so that every student in every classroom achieves every day.

Kent ISD is a local educational service agency devoted to achievement for all students. We serve the community by helping our schools prepare students to be successful in work and life. Our primary customers are the students, teachers, staff and administrators of 20 public school districts, Christian and Catholic schools and Public School Academies.

We help districts devote more dollars directly to the classroom by providing essential services, collaborative initiatives and valuable learning for the region's students and teachers. Regional collaboration is the way we work, both with our school districts and our community partners.

As a result of our programs and services, we help the region's schools increase their capacity to serve students and boost achievement for nearly 120,000 students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

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