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Use headings to organize the structure of your content

Headings (Page Title, Heading, Subheading, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6) used correctly outline the content on the page.


Heading Levels

Page Title                <h1>

Heading                  <h2>

Subheading             <h3>

Heading 4               <h4>

Heading 5               <h5>

Heading 6               <h6>


Proper use of Headings is required for AT to navigate the page. This also allows the visitor to quickly review the content on the page. Heading styles are designed to be used in order (see example below).


Every Page must have an H1. In your website this is the

Identifying & Serving Diverse High Potential Learners

This workshop is designed for principals and other district administrators interested in exploring ways to identify and serve high potential students from populations underrepresented among your high achievers. Specifically, we will focus on ELL and former ELL students, other culturally and linguistically diverse students, and those living in poverty. Within the new ESSA framework, we will consider new possibilities for accessing Title I and Title II funds to provide professional development that includes the basics of identification of diverse high potential students and minimal cost options for meeting their needs.

Elementary Principals click here for more information
Secondary Principals click here for more informaiton

Understanding, Engaging & Challenging Diverse Gifted Learners (K-12)

What does the gifted identification tell us about students' learning needs? How does this differ with culturally and linguistically diverse gifted students? Understanding how instruction can be modified to address the many shades of giftedness helps us develop services that fit our students' distinctive needs. With a focus on culturally and linguistically diverse gifted students, participants will learn why, when, and how to differentiate instruction, increase complexity, and challenge all gifted learners in any setting.

Click here for more information.

West Michigan Early Literacy Leadership Symposium
Featuring Dr. Richard Allington

Symposium participants will have the opportunity to differentiate their learning by selecting breakout sessions that are most appropriate for them.

During the breakouts, attendees will:
-Review and understand the Early Literacy Essentials
-Understand the findings of the Reading Now Network
-Collaborate and Network with other literacy leaders who are in similar demographic areas/situations
-Create an action plan for improving literacy in their school

Click here to register today!


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