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Use headings to organize the structure of your content

Headings (Page Title, Heading, Subheading, Heading 4, Heading 5, Heading 6) used correctly outline the content on the page.


Heading Levels

Page Title                <h1>

Heading                  <h2>

Subheading             <h3>

Heading 4               <h4>

Heading 5               <h5>

Heading 6               <h6>


Proper use of Headings is required for AT to navigate the page. This also allows the visitor to quickly review the content on the page. Heading styles are designed to be used in order (see example below).


Every Page must have an H1. In your website this is the


Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty with Paul C. Gorski (He’s back in West Michigan!)

We are thrilled to announce that Kent ISD and Ottawa ISD will be hosting full day workshops on Reaching and Teaching Students in Poverty with Paul C. Gorski.

In March 2014, Kent County Health Rankings were released. It found that 23% of children in Kent County live in poverty, up from 20% the previous year; the national benchmark is 13%.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this PD and to enroll online. Seating is limited so register early!


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