Step 3: Talk

Let's talk about it

Our counselors are trained to help students build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses as learners. They will review your student's responses to the questions in the Online Readiness Questionnaire and discuss the options available to you. Sometimes, a student may not be ready for a 100 percent online course, but may be an excellent candidate for a blended learning course with online content and teacher support. Our goal is to help you select the courses and the supports necessary to ensure your students' success.

Call your school's counseling office now to schedule a meeting with you and your student. During the meeting you will discuss your student's course selection and responses to the Online Readiness Questionnaire. The counselor will make sure the course is appropriate to your student's needs, will count toward graduation, and is sufficiently rigorous to prepare your student for future courses.

During your conversation with the counselor, you'll discuss the positive personal assets your student possesses, and areas where he/she may need additional support, either from a teacher, or from you, to insure a successful online experience.

Remember, we share a very important goal with you and your student. We want your student to be a self-confident and successful learner. Online courses contribute to your students' grade point average and to our schools' graduation requirements just as traditional courses led by a teacher, so it is important that we work together to make sure online learning is right for your student.

Step 4 - Commit

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