The world of online learning

Online learning can be a good option for students seeking a new educational experience. The Michigan Merit Curriculum was the first in the nation to require online learning credits, and there are many options for students seeking to explore online education.

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In this Online Learning Guide, you will find resources to help you better understand the characteristics of successful online learners. You will also find some of the questions your family will want to discuss to determine whether online learning is a good option for your student. We in your school district share a very important goal with you and your student. We want your student to be a self-confident and successful learner. Online courses contribute to your students' grade point average and to our schools' graduation requirements, just as traditional courses led by a teacher do. That makes it very important to work together to determine if online learning is right for your student at this time. Our district, like all districts within our region, worked cooperatively to make online learning options available to students. We're using our experience with many forms of online courses to create this process of matching courses with students who can be successful in them. We have observed students who have taken courses completely online and in blended learning environments (where their course content is online, but they get support from a certified teacher as they need it).

Our experience also extends to student opinion research. Our district and the others in the region participated in a study which finds a majority of students feel more comfortable in a teacher-supported environment than they do in self-directed online courses. We want you and your student to benefit from this experience and be able to make a good choice with the greatest likelihood of success.

Please take the time to review the materials in this Online Learning Guide. Our four-step process - Explore, Assess, Talk and Commit - helps you and your student explore online opportunities, assess your student's readiness for online learning, discuss the options providing the greatest opportunity for success with your student's counselor, and then commit to a course of study that will support your student's learning goals.

Also inside these pages is a Readiness Questionnaire to help determine whether online learning is right for your student at this time. You will also find a description of the expectations of the student, parents and school if you opt for your student to take one or more courses online.

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Step 1 - Explore