Welcome Parents & Guardians!

You play a key role in the success of your student. Your encouragement and support, along with that of our staff, can help your student reach the goal of high school graduation, with a local diploma.

SuccessLink is very different from the high school we're all familiar with. First, there is no school. There is no common schedule - just the one you and your student create. Learning happens where and when your student chooses. And yet, students are not left on their own. Our caring adults provide a great deal of help and support. If your student wants to succeed in this program, they can.

This new way of completing high school features several interesting, new ways of learning. This includes online instruction, online projects, coursework and discussion boards, plus a laptop with wireless card. Students experience just-in-time learning, tutoring, and the support they need to overcome barriers to learning.

This approach allows students to work at their own pace (both fast and slow) and fit classes around any schedule, so they can learn when and where they choose - wherever a laptop goes. This means students can get caught up on credits, hold a job, help with family responsibilities, and even take college classes.

SuccessLink's Extensive Student Support System:

  • Personal Online Instructor - Michigan certified and highly qualified
  • Face-to-face Assistance - through a community program or a local teacher
  • Success Coach - Michigan certified and highly qualified (may be online or face-to-face)