Launch U: Program Description

Students will enroll in Launch U during their 10th grade year, concurrently taking high school classes and GRCC Mechanical Design courses. By 11th grade, students choose between the certificate and associate degree path. Students who choose the certificate path will graduate from Launch U in 12th grade with a Mechanical Design Certificate. Students who choose the associate path will continue into a 13th year, taking additional GRCC courses to earn the Mechanical Design Associate Degree.

Diagram that shows two paths a Launch U Student can choose. After a student shows interest and enrolls in Launch U, a student can choose a 4 year completion, leading to a certificate in Mechanical design. Or students can choose a 5 year completion, leading to an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design. Both paths will prepare a student for college and careers.

During years 10th - 12th, Launch U is held on Kent ISD campus and taught by GRCC instructors. During the 13th year, classes are held on the GRCC Campus. Students are responsible for their own transportation to Kent ISD and GRCC if it is not provided by the local district.  

Mechanical Design Schedule 

Launch U students attend class on the Kent ISD campus during years 10th – 12th. Students take high school classes for 3 hours, and will attend Launch U sessions for 3 hours. 

During the 13th year, students schedules will vary as they attend classes on the GRCC campus. Refer to the sample schedule.

Mechanical Design Courses

View the Course Descriptions for more details about about courses offered through Launch U. 

College and Career Readiness

Launch U students begin their professional development early on with industry tours, workshops, job shadows, and internships. 

In addition, Launch U has incorporated a college/career readiness curriculum. This curriculum fosters the growth of behavior and skills necessary in a college and professional environment. Launch U students will be prepared for success, in and out of the classroom.