PSE Tips

The following list of PSE Tip sheets have been created to help with the completion of various documents and profiles.

IEP Documents

How to Add a file based document 

How to write a Transition IEP with Community Agency Involvement

How to Complete an Amendment - Revised July 2015

How to list Health Care and Personal Care Service

 How to create and use Insert Statements

How to list KTC in an IEP

How to create Mesaging Groups

How to write Programs and Services , includes guidance for graduates

How to write an IEP containing Homebound/Hospitalized Services  

Section 504

How to Add a Section 504 Student

Section 504 Help Document


 Using the ACT Report to complete the Application for ACT-Approved Test Accommodations

How to Bulk Print and Complete Progress Reports




How to Add A Student   to PSE



How to document Medicaid Parent Consent 



What to do with old draft documents

How to print to Adobe

Procedural Safeguards Guidance