TIENET Downloads and Snapshots



The Data Connectivity Tool (DCT) is used to transfer information between two data sources. Local education agencies should have a technology support person that works with the ISD to manage this tool. Please note, the DCT will need to be upgraded as TIENET receives upgrades. The ISD will contact your district when a new update is available.

DCT Tool



This list of Snapshots is a complete copy of the production database on the given day, which can be used to look at historical data.  When you enter each Snapshot, you will notice that the background is green, which is an indicator that you are in Snapshot.

EOY Count 2017:

Spring Count 2017 -

Fall Count 2016 - KI10052016


EOY Count 2016: KI06302016

Spring Count 2016 - KI02102016

Fall Count 2015 - KI10072015


EOY Count 2015: KI06302015

Spring Count 2014 - KI02112015

Fall Count 2014 - KI10082014


EOY Count 2014: KI06302014

Spring Count 2014 - KI021122014

Fall Count 2013 - KI10092013


EOY Count 2013: KI06302013

Spring County 2013: KI02132013

Fall Count 2012: KI10102012







Spring Count 2012 – KI02082012

Fall Count 2011 – KI10052011


EOY Count 2011 – KI06302011