PSE New Users Video Tutorial

                                              Presented By: Rebecca McIntyre

                                                                                           Logging In

                                                                           Navigating the Home Page

                                                                  Moving A Student to the Working Side

                                                                                 Building a Caseload

                                                                                 Creating Documents

IEP Boot Camps

                                     IEP Boot Camps 


               IEP Boot Camp with an Autism Focus - 9/26/18 

               IEP Boot Camp with a Preschool Focus - 9/28/18 

               IEP Boot Camp with a Secondary Focus - 10/11/18 

               IEP Boot Camp with an Elementary Focus - 10/16/18


      All classes are held at Kent ISD, Grand Room from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm.


The following resources were provided during Boot Camp and are available upon request:

                                                        Preschool Boot Camp Power Point

                                                       Elementary Boot Camp Power Point

                                                       Secondary Boot Camp Power Point

                                                                 Procedural Safeguards

                                                    Procedural Safeguards Scavenger Hunt

                                                                    Required Participants

                                                                     Transition Triangle

                                              TIENET Tip for Inviting Community Agencies

                                                          Accommodations Documentation

                                                    Elementary PLAAFP and Goals Activity

                                                     Secondary PLAAFP and Goals Activity

                                                     Preschool PLAAFP and Goals Activity

                                                                 ESY Planning Reference

                                                                  MDE Notice One Pager


Service Capture

Service Capture

Resources available upon request

Screencast Demonstration

Medicaid Recording Tip Sheets


Non-Public Service Plan (NPSP) Training

Non-Public Service Plan (NPSP) Training


Presenter: Laurie VanderPloeg

                          The resources below were shared at this training and are available upon reqeust:

 Training Power Point

 Non-Public Decision Making Table

Sample REED used in conjunction with NPSP Process

Sample Eligibility Recommendation used in conjunction with NPSP Process

Sample IEP Invite used in conjunction with NPSP Process

Sample IEP to be offered before the NPSP

Sample NPSP Invite

Sample Non-Public Service Plan

Sample NPSP Redetermination of SE Eligibility

RAC Referral and Re-Entry Screencast

Electronic Forms Training: RAC Referral and RAC Re-Entry

Screencast created November 18, 2013

                                                                                Available upon request