Special Education Department Contacts


Director of Special Education
Laurie VanderPloeg
Assistant Director of Special Education
Rebecca McIntyre
Supervisor of Special Education
Michael Bausano
Lori Matthews
Joan Meyer
Assistive Technology Coordinator
Kindy Segovia  616.365.2244
Behavioral Support Consultant
Alissa Hofstee 616-365-2322
Early On Coordinator
Barbara Corbin  616.365.2384
Finance Coordinator
John Savage  616.365.2257
Medicaid Project Analyst
Anne Ciucci    616.301.6191
Medicaid Technician
Lynette Altman  616.365.2387
MiBLSi Equity Coach
Beth Hill  616.365.2334
MiBLSi Implementation Specialist
Courtney Buck 616.447.2466
MiBLSi Implementation Specialist
Julie Nixon 616.447.2437
Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Coordinator
Kirsten Rice  616.365.2293
TIENET Coordinator
Susan Diedering  616.447.2472
Visually Impaired Media Specialist 
Maria Jimenez        616.365.2393