MISchool Data

MISchool Data is a statewide PK-20 educational portal of school performance in Michigan.  There are two sides to MISchool Data, a public facing portal and an educator password protected portal. 


Useful Data: MISchool Data provides at-a-glance dashboards and customizable reports on student testing, graduation and dropout rates, K-12 and college enrollments, staffing, finance, facilities data, and more.

Something for Everyone: Parents, educators, policy makers- MISchool Data has valuable information for every citizen.

Access: MiSchool Data.

Request a Password:  An account will be created shortly after the submission of your contact information and a FERPA quiz. Access  the online quiz now. If you should experience any difficulties, please contact Susan Brummel


Training Resources:

Introduction to the MISchool Data Portal


Maintaining Confidentiality and
Security of Student Data

To protect the privacy of students and their families, school staff are legally and ethically responsible for safe-guarding the information collected about and from their students. Schools,school districts, and state education agencies maintain and use personal information for a variety of educational purposes while in school. Rights for students and parents and requirements for local education agencies are many and complex under the FamilyEducational Records and Privacy Act (FERPA) Health Insurance Portability and Access Act (HIPAA).
When talking about data security, both the physical security of the data (preventing of data) and confidentiality (protecting data to prevent the casual or deliberate imparting of private information through conversation or carelessness) are at issue. Security and confidentiality are issues that relate to paper records,electronic records, and conversations.
The following resources located on the National Center for Education Statistics Web support schools and districts in understanding the federal and state laws and regulations related to maintaining, protecting and releasing student information as well as providing examples of good policies and procedures to ensure the privacy of student information.
Examples of policies and procedures as well as guidelines for deciding what is needed to ensure the privacy of student information.
FERPA/HIPAA Online Quiz **REQUIRED for account creation**
A test of understanding of FERPA and HIPPA laws.
Answers and explanations.
A checklist of good general and technical practices that includes password issues and physical security.
One of four workshops that serve as an introduction to building a culture of quality education data. In this workshop, participants will learn about the security component of quality data, specifically the Family Educational Records and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Access Act (HIPAA) regulations that govern school confidentiality issues. Participants will also identify practices that compromise security.