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The REMC Association of Michigan believes that it must provide proactive leadership to the Michigan educational community by participating with other organizations in building a vision that supports quality teaching and learning and provides equity to Michigan's Pre K-12 students. The REMC Association of Michigan will accomplish this within the framework of the following principles:

  • Improving learning for all students is our guiding principle

  • Through future focused collaboration, leadership, and service we are better able to support our constituents and improve teaching and learning statewide

  • Teachers are empowered to create high quality engaging instructional environments when they have access to the necessary skills, tools and rich sources of information

  • Providing effective cost savings through statewide cooperative purchasing allows local resources to be reallocated to enhancing teaching and learning

  • That its delivery systems and infrastructure capacity advances statewide connectivity.

  • For more information, see the REMC Association website at

    2016-17 REMC 8 Courier Schedule

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