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Interest Area

The preschool classroom interest areas provide many opportunities for children to have experiences in letter knowledge and phonological awareness activities.   Several Kent ISD Early Childhood Specialists present phonological awareness and letter knowledge ideas for these interest areas.

Art Area

Block Area

Discovery and Sensory Area

Dramatic Play Area

Library Area and Toys and Games Area

Daily Routine


Small Group Time
During small group time, children and adults participate together in adult-initiated activities during which children explore materials in their own way with an adult sharing the excitement of their discoveries. Melissa Buurstra, Kent ISD Early Childhood Specialist, presents some small group ideas that focus on rhyming and recognizing letters and letter sounds.

Large Group Time
During large group time, adults and children participate in adult-initiated activities during which children and adults participate in singing, movement experiences or reenacting stories. Courtney Kavalhuna, Kent ISD Early Childhood Specialist, presents some ideas for large group time that focus on using big books, group chants and nursery rhymes.

Meal Time and Rest Time
Meal Time and Rest Time are routine parts of the preschool day that offer unique opportunities for adults and children to interact together.  Jessica Miranda-Bevier, Kent ISD Early Childhood Specialist, presents some ideas for meal and rest times that focus on phonological awareness and letter knowledge.

During outdoor time, children and adults are free to engage in loud and vigorous play. The outdoor environment is viewed as an extension of the indoor classroom where many inside activities can be explored in the outdoor area. Gina Dobberstein, Kent ISD Early Childhood Specialist, presents some ideas that focus on gross motor activities and rhyming, alliteration, and recognizing letters.