Curriculum & Assessment Tools


Kent ISD has been working to provide districts with resources that enhance instruction, curriculum, and assessment. We have organized our support for these resources within three systems: Curriculum Crafter, Edify, and OurSchoolData.


Each system has its own core features and functions, but they all work together in ways that can increase student outcomes and improve system efficiencies. See below for more information and contact details:


  • Curriculum resources for teachers and administrators
  • Full course curricular resources for k-12 education with scope & sequence docs
  • Standards-aligned instructional resources, assessments, and more

  • How-to Tutorials





  • Learning platform for students, teachers, and admin
  • Customizable digital courses for k-12 core content areas
  • Library of standards-based assessment items
  • & resources
  • Versatile reporting options
  • Video Overview
  • Course Catalog
  • How-to Tutorials



  • Data warehouse for teachers and administrators
  • Detailed reporting at the classroom, school, district and state levels
  • Option to customize different types of reports to meet your unique needs
  • Video Overview




For more information on these platforms, click here to send a message .


To review how we support the implementation of these tools in your school or district, please see our Roll-Out Plan.


Supported by the Kent ISD - Curriculum Crafter, Edify and Our School Data are a complementary set of curriculum, assessment and data analysis applications.  



Curriculum Crafter provides curricular resources in a platform that allows educators to collaborate on curriculum mapping, alignment, and planning. Edify contains thousands of standards-aligned learning resources. It also allows educators to build digital content using sources like Curriculum Crafter and then assess student learning through dynamic achievement analysis. OurSchoolData receives student achievement data from numerous sources, including Edify, and helps educators and administrators make instructional decisions based on the extensive reporting functions within the application.

All three tools work together to provide teachers and school leaders the ability to plan, adjust and react to the learning needs of their students.

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