Project NorthStar (WIOA)

Funded through a grant from Michigan Works!, the coaches in Project NorthStar work with young people ages 16-24 who have something standing in the way of completing an education or getting a job.  Whether you're dealing with lost credits, homelesssness, pregnancy oran other life challenge, we have ways to help!

Key features of Kent ISD's Project NorthStar (WIOA) program are:

  • Career planning
  • Post-secondary education planning
  • College visits
  • Mentoring & tutoring
  • Career exploration
  • Job shadowing & internships
  • Job search assistance & training
  • Employability skills
  • Possible work experience
  • Financial literacy training
  • Information & referrals to other WIOA service providers & community resources
  • One-year transition program

    "Rick Mushing, Kent ISD STEM Consultant, met with our WIA students yesterday
     about the Verizon App Challenge and was absolutely amazing!!!  The kids loved
     him ...this is such a great experience for them!  Thank you for letting me know
     about this opportunity for the kids.  Kent ISD's WIA program is GREAT!!!"       
                          Julie Gerard, Lee High School, October 29, 2014

Chief Carmody, City of Wyoming Police Department
Wyoming Parks & Recreation Department
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