Regarding STEM Technical Assistance

Regarding our STEM Technical Assistance

"You have a gift of not only having comprehensive technology knowledge, but presentation skills that totally engaged our middle school kids...not an easy task!”

Katherine Lewis
Technology Teacher
Northview Middle School

Health Career Internship

Before this experience, I was planning on going into physical therapy, however, now I am seriously considering becoming a registered nurse. I love how the nurses get to establish connections with their patients and know that they are making a difference in their lives by helping them get better. I'm very grateful to have been able to do this because it opened a new door for me in my exploration of health careers that would suite me. This opportunity also allowed me to realize some of the career paths that wouldn't have been right for me, such as a radiologist technician. Many of the RN's and PCA's  I shadowed gave me some great advice about how to handle nursing school and some important steps I should take after I finish college and begin to move into the work force. 
Thank you for the role you played in this amazing experience. It has been very influential and I learned a great deal of advice and information.

Brooke, Grandville High School senior (placed at Mercy Health)

This Health Career Internship has changed my perspective on my career choices. I am now more outgoing and confident when communicating with the employees at the hospital.  

Amanda S. , Forest Hills Eastern senior (placed at Spectrum Health)

Employer Mentor

An Excerpt from an Email Written by a Student to an Employer Mentor

I visited Steelcase for Talk&Tour through Kent ISD on October 6 and talked to you briefly about college afterward.

I first would like to emphasize that I had such an invaluable night at Steelcase. It was an eyeopening opportunity to look at mechanical side of manufacturing industry! Thinking about what I would like to study and where I envision myself in the future, I thought observing what you do at work would help me a lot! I am extremely curious about various engineering fields and career paths that I can potentially choose. With that being said, may I please shadow you for a day?

MFG Week 2016

Gideon Sanders, Assistant Principal, GRPS Innovation Central shares his thoughts about MFG Week 2016 and the experiences his students gained.





" I cannot thank you enough for setting up this industry tour. The students talked about the trip for the rest of the year....they thought it was one of the most valuable experiences in high school." 

Donna von der Hoff 
Thorapple Kellogg High School teacher

"Thank you for setting us up with Ross. He met with my daughter, spent a lot of time answering questions and talking about his experience. He loved her work and asked her to potentially intern, help on a few projects in the next year. Thank you for the connection! It's just what she needed!" 

Nicole Meloche-Gregory
​Organik Consulting, parent of a participant

Industry Tours

ADAC Automotive recently worked with the STEM consultants to produce a three minute video to expose kids to metrology careers. They shared the work on their LinkedIN page!

Thank you so much for letting my class experience the fun career paths. My favorite was totally going to Aero Med. If it wasn't for you,  I would have never thought to become something in the medical field!

Elizabeth Novoseltseva
​Ridgepark Charter Academy Industry Tour

You made me think about what I truly want to do. Even though I haven't made up my mind, I extremely appreciate the options and choices that you have given to all of us and hope that you will do this again in the future. I will strive to find a job that suits me like yours suits you.

Mitchell Porter
​Ridgepark Charter Academy Industry Tour

Yesterday really gave me a chance to see a different view on engineering. I know in my heart for sure I won't be an engineer, but I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to see why jobs like these matter to so many people. You helped me to find a new respect for engineering.... It has been a pleasure to see the joys of your career and many others, and hopefully in the future I'll find mine.

Jahdia Lewis
Ridgepark Charter Academy 
Industry Tour

"I thought the lesson was great and I love how it connected a science concept with something in the real world."

Jenell Spindle, Kindergarten teacher
Collins Elementary 
Forest Hills Schools

Explorers Program

"I know it's been a few years, but I was one of the students who went through the first run of Engineering Explorers at KCTC. Just wanted to thank you again for putting that great opportunity in motion. I just finished my freshman year of college at the University of Alabama on full tuition, and I'm back in Grand Rapids for a summer internship. I'm actually working at Swoboda, the company I was first placed with, about three years after job shadowing here. Not only did the program help cement my career goals, but it also helped me get my foot in the door for a job. If there's ever anything I can do for you, just let me know, and I'd be more than happy to help. Thanks again!"

Christina W. 
Student participant in Explorers Program

3D Printing

" Our fifth grade PEAKS students spent nearly two hours with Mr. Mushing on March 10 when he came to present on the engineering design process and prototyping. In his wake, he left our students with a 3D printer and all of the software and program directions necessary to make use of this 21st century resource.

Many experts say that 3D printing has the potential to impact the world in tremendous ways, from supply chain to personal use in the home. We would like to thank the KISD team once again for their collaboration and intentional efforts to support​​ our students with cutting edge, 21st century, STEM learning experiences." 

Eric Closson 
Discovery Elementary 
Kentwood Public Schools

Employer Mentor Appreciation

"I just wanted to let you know that Meredith was an absolute pleasure. She was very excited, completely engaged, highly intelligent, and a joy to work with. I was actually going to offer her a ‘summer help’ position, but we knew she already had a job lined up in Chicago for the summer ... She will be an excellent nurse someday. I see big things in her future. On a personal level, she has actually inspired me to possibly take the leap into teaching nursing students at the collegiate level. I have always wanted to do so, but seeing her young engaged mind and attitude, was so refreshing and again, inspiring." 

Caitlin Boudreau RN, BSN
Clinical Nurse Manager, Grand Rapids Allergy

Job Shadowing

"No amount of words can describe how great of a time I had yesterday learning about the OR. I didn't realize how many jobs went on in just one operation. Just as I thought maybe I'd want to deal with pre-mature babies, yesterday's experience has me questioning that maybe I want to work in the OR. I wish I could do job shadows at the hospital all the time. It's people like you that give kids like me life changing opportunities and make my thirst for medical become even stronger then before. Thank you so much for your willingness to teach me about the OR. "

Grandville High School student

"I saw a post on LinkedIn about your Job Shadowing program.  I followed it to your website.  Wow!  Do you people have it together... I am so impressed.  Lucky students who have access to Kent ISD."
Life's best, Carol Christen
(Author of What Color is Your Parachute? for Teens)





Video Testimonials

Middle School science teacher Tyler Buitenwerf of Creative Technology Academy in Cedar Springs, MI relates the impact of the Kent ISD STEM consultants on his school.


High School Science Teacher Jaclyn Hartman of Forest Hills schools in Grand Rapids, MI relates the impact of working with the STEM consultants on her students.

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Kent Career Technical Center Business Expo
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Workshop Wednesday @ Grand Rapids Public Library
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Grand Rapids Public Library, 111 Library St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, USA
Career Readiness Community Activities Calendar

Learn about different applications of STEAM (Science,Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) through hands-on activities, discussions,and career exploration. Our Workshops are perfect for curious kids who want toknow how things work and why we study STEAM. This program will feature adifferent topic each month and is for kids in grades 6-8 (but younger and olderkids are welcome to stop by). Snacks and Ride to Read passes will be available.

September 6, 2017



Why did ancient people make pictures out of the stars? Whogets to name a constellation? Learn all about the science and mythology behindconstellations, recreate famous ones, and even design your own from real starmaps.

October 4, 2017



Learn the principles of water power by assembling afunctioning robotic arm that moves using hydraulic power!

November 1, 2017


Kinetic Creatures

Kinetic Creatures are walking cardboard animals that youbuild from a kit! You'll learn about movement and engineering while you help usput together Rory, Geno, and Elly.

December 6, 2017


Paper Circuits

Electricity can happen anywhere! Design your own circuit onpaper and light up LEDs using copper tape and conductive ink.

January 3, 2018


Sewn Circuits

If you had fun creating circuits on paper, then you'll lovethis workshop where we'll create our own fashionable circuitry. Kids areencouraged to bring old clothing for themselves but extra supplies will be available.

February 7, 2018


Tensile Bubbles

Use your engineering skills to create geometric bubble wandsand watch how the design affects the shapes of the bubbles.

March 7, 2018


Magnetic Slime

In this workshop we will make a slime that reacts to astrong magnet. You can make it move and dance!

April 4, 2018


Lightbulb Terrarium

Get ready for Earth Day by using recycled light bulbs tocreate your own mini terrarium with moss and other tiny plants.

May 2, 2018


Bristle Bots

BristleBots are tiny simple robots that move with the powerof vibration. We can study how they move by creating obstacle courses, paintingwith them, and racing them.