Research and Data

Preparing America’s labor force: Workforce development programs in public community colleges

In this policy paper by the Brookings Institute,  the authors make use of interview data from multiple STEM-focused workforce training programs at public community colleges around the country to identify five common characteristics of successful programs. 



Understanding “Exemplar” Inclusive STEM High Schools: Preliminary Findings for a Theory of Action

The Opportunity Structures for Preparation and Inspiration in STEM research group developed the document to offer some high-level findings to measure your (high) school's work toward preparing students for STEM career pathways.



Critical Component Ratings

The G.W. Research Team has identified 14 critical components that characterize the ISHSs in our in-depth qualitative case studies of 8 exemplar ISHSs. Using these data, our research team developed a STEM Inventory that a school can use to improve its STEM education program. The STEM Inventory will provide an overview of the STEM opportunities offered to students and suggest areas for growth and improvement

Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring

Mentoring continues to grow in diverse directions and is embedded into myriad program contexts and services. The fourth edition of the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ is intended to give this generation of practitioners a set of programmatic standards that will empower every agency and organization, and raise the bar on what quality mentoring services look like

The Mentoring Effect

Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring





Pathways To Prosperity

​In the following reports, Harvard's Graduate School of Education identifies what are some of the issues educators (K-12 and Higher Education) can work on to make schools work for more students. In the "Pathways to Prosperity" Report, the point was made for revitalizing and expanding the role of career readiness education in our schools. The case was built upon data showing lagging U.S. educational attainment, ominous labor market projections, and impressive performance by the strongest European education systems. In a follow-up report, "Creating Pathways to Prosperity: A Blueprint for Action," Harvard professors, as well other educational leaders, present ideas on how to make career readiness for all students a reality.

Connected To Careers: Expanding Employer Leadership In Career Development

​In this report, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation released a new report exploring new forms of business supports that can strengthen the employer voice in career development and equip schools with the tools they need to prepare youth for the world of work. The report offers an employer-led approach for helping students make the school-to-work transition.

Materials For Enabling Hands-On Robotics And STEM Education By Maja J Mataric, Nathan Koenig, And David Feil-Seifer

In this article, the authors lay out an approach to enabling hands-on experiential robotics for all ages through the introduction of a robot programming workbook and robot test-bed

Active Learning Increases Student Performance In Science, Engineering, And Mathematics

In this Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences article the authors document, "that active learning leads to increases in examination performance that would raise average grades by a half a letter, and that failure rates under traditional lecturing increase by 55% over the rates observed under active learning."

Integrative STEM Education As "Best Practice"
By Mark Sanders- Virginia Tech

In this research paper, the author discusses the merit of an integrative STEM education approach.



Let's Get Real: Deeper Learning And The Power Of The Workplace  
By Nancy Hoffman

While the phrase “college and career readiness” pervades current policy debates about high school improvement, “career readiness” often seems like an afterthought, tacked on as if to suggest that an academic, collegeprep course of study—the real priority of most recent school reforms—will automatically produce better job prospects. 


Impact Of Cognitive, Psychosocial, And Career Factors On Educational And Workplace Success 

How we educate and train our youth to be successful postsecondary students and workers is one of the most critical questions of our time. We cannot compete globally without a high percentage of our citizens succeeding in college and in the workplace. What are the key factors of college and work readiness? 

Effective Career Awareness And Development Programs For K-8 Students

In this report, Hanover Research examines the importance of career development programs for elementary and middle school students, as well as effective practices in the delivery of career-focused educational programs. The report draws on a review of the literature, as well as case examples from across the nation and Texas, specifically


Upcoming Events

September 25
5x5 Night
5:00 PM
Start Garden, 40 Pearl St NW #200, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
5x5 Night
Sep 25
5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Start Garden, 40 Pearl St NW #200, Grand Rapids, MI 49503, United States
Career Readiness Community Activities Calendar
On the fourth Tuesday of each month, 5 creators will present their ideas for a chance to win $5,000 in grant money - no strings attached There is no restriction on the type of idea a presenter can submit, but it’s important to remember this is about moving an idea forward. The community votes on the ideas that will be presented at the event. The selected presenters explain a $5,000 step that will move the idea forward, and will meet people who can help. Just having an idea is not enough. You are the one pushing it into existence, so be clear about what’s needed for that next $5,000 step. Presenting the ideas is only part of the night. Part two is at the reception to find out the winner. Have a glass of wine, talk about ideas. That part of the evening is the whole reason we put on the event. Please join us. Please RSVP at
October 3
Talk & Tour Career Series: Bio Medical Engineering
6:00 PM
MedBio 5346 36th Street Southeast
Talk & Tour Career Series: Bio Medical Engineering
Oct 3
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM
MedBio 5346 36th Street Southeast
Career Readiness Event Calendar
The Talk & Tour Series is a evening career exploration program designed to increase awareness of diverse careers available in high demand career sectors. Through an informal "talk show style" format, a panel of professionals in select industries will share their own career path, the inside scoop on what their jobs are really like, along with their perspective on what you can do to prepare for a career you are interested in. This is your chance to ask questions, get valuable career information and take an action step in figuring out your own career direction. A tour of the host site will provided, with a special focus on seeing the latest technology and innovation happening in the workplace. Each month a new industry/segment/topic will be highlighted. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend the Talk & Tour with their student! Click here for Registration and Details .
October 10
State of MI Online STEM Network
8:00 PM
State of MI Online STEM Network
Oct 10
8:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Career Readiness Event Calendar
Calling all STEM Teachers - Join Michigan's NEW STEM Teacher Network The STEM Teacher Network is a community-driven PLC that connects STEM instructors across Michigan. Members can interact through our online community or join in on our monthly live online meetings. Each meeting will focus on a specific topic (such as free resources, class routines, or fundraising) and will feature a panel of fellow STEM teachers who are knowledgeable about that particular topic. Our first online meeting will be Tuesday, October 10 @ 8p Live sessions will continue on the second Tuesday of each month. Sign up here to receive the latest updates including an invitation to join our online community. Is this network for me? The STEM Teacher Network is open to any educator or administrator, but our focus is on supporting the work of integrated STEM teachers in grades K-12. You may be especially interested in joining our group if you are: a K-8 STEM “specials” teacher, a high school teacher with a passion for cross-curricular project-based learning, or a CTE instructor in a STEM-related field.
October 12
Teachers IN Industry
8:00 AM
Kent ISD - Thornapple Room
Teachers IN Industry
Oct 12
8:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Kent ISD - Thornapple Room
Career Readiness Event Calendar
Teachers in Industry is a professional development opportunity for educators to learn more about local employers and community organizations through on-site visits and presentations. Call the PD Hub at 365-2235 for questions about registration.
October 21
Girls Rock IT -- Hands on Tech Event
8:30 AM
Davenport University, 6191 Kraft Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Girls Rock IT -- Hands on Tech Event
Oct 21
8:30 AM to 11:30 AM
Davenport University, 6191 Kraft Avenue Southeast, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
Career Readiness Event Calendar
Girls in grades 4-8 will be given opportunities for hands-on experiments led by some of the area's leading computer and information technology experts. Please join us for breakfast and information session about the expanding world of technology careers as students learn a variety of technology skills as they rotate through different sessions. Learn More and sign up at this link.