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Instructional Services

We Lead Learning

Kent ISD Instructional Services assists school districts in improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning through:

Professional Development
Special Education Services
Instructional and Technical Program Support

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Instructional Services is committed to involving parents, school personnel, and the community as active partners in planning, delivering, and evaluating our services by working closely with universities, colleges, businesses, government and civic organizations.

Instructional Services promotes all aspects of the educational process through our development and support of technology. We provide training in the use of essential technology tools that enhance curricular, instructional and administrative services in our schools.

We anticipate needs and opportunities, all with the single purpose of identifying, developing and implementing programs and practices that, through education, improve the opportunities for students and staff of Kent ISD.

Contact Information

Dr. Bill Smith
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services

‚ÄčKelli Campbell
Director of Teaching and Learning

Glen Finkel
Director of Technology

Laurie VanderPloeg
Director of Special Education

Vision and Mission