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Show Off Your Talents And Impact The Future!

The Explorers program is a very short job shadow designed to introduce students to a career they are interested in. Mentors sign up first and then the students choose specifically which roles are most appealing to them. Students travel directly to the industry site to see the mentor in action, and learn about the career journey that brought them to where they are now. 

Mentors can sign up to host on multiple dates and are encouraged to take multiple students at a time (we find students acclimate a little quicker when they are not alone). The power of this experience is that often is the beginning of a professional network for students and complete eye opener to the opportunities that exist here in Kent County. 

EXPLORERS SESSIONS run from 3:30-5:00 PM on November 2, December 7, March 1, and May 3. 

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Help for Address This should be the address that student(s) report to.
Dress Code -- How should we instruct the students to dress?  (required) Help for Dress Code -- How should we instruct the students to dress? We want students to look the part. Giving clear direction helps students prepare for their experience.
Help for Are there any special instructions students should know about? Parking, culture, where to report on the first day etc.
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Help for If you were asked to place your role into one career cluster, which would you choose? More than one cluster may apply, however, please choose the primary descriptor.
Help for Write a commercial about what students can expect to experience with you! Your commercial will be shared with students when we confirm with them so they can begin to prepare for their experience with you.
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