Region 1



The Mission of Region 1 is to collaboratively bid out services which most schools typically bid out on their own. Through a collaborative effort, the group's focus will mostly be on compliance-related items every school district must complete. This service is intended to be extended to all school districts in Kent County.


To share equpiment with area districts to avoid rental charges.

To consolidate service providers and accounting services.

To award bids to area contractors for various services.

To negotiate steep discounts for schools based upon quantity of service.

To develop shared bids whose pricing can be shared with all schools in Kent County.

Current Services:

Waste Removal: This contract was awarded to Waste Management.

Compliance Items-IAQ, Aesbestos, Lead, etc. -- This Contract was awarded to Micro-Air Solutions.

Elevator Inspections/Total Service Contract -- Yet to be awarded.

Bleacher Inspections/Repair Contract -- Yet to be awarded.

Fire Protection Inspection/Testing -- Yet to be awarded.


Did you Know?

  • Our Custodial Team cleans nearly 298,043 SF daily of a total 447,065 SF at our Beltline Campus.
  • The Maintenance Team is responsible for maintenance and repairs for 564,552 SF of building space.
  • The Facilities department manages 11 buildings
  • Our Buildings can be found in 4 different zip codes.
  • One of our buildings has a swimming pool
  • Our Data Center supports nearly 15 School Districts here in Kent County.