Information Systems

The Informations Systems team provides support for many applications, including PowerSchool, MicroSoft SQL server, Tienet and several custom applications.

Our successes are hosting PowerSchool services for 6 LEA districts and List Serves. The Information Systems team hosts quarterly user group meetings and workshops for our group members. We also faciliatate the information exchange between the ISD and sending school districts.

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PowerSchool Portals for Teachers/Students/Parents:

PowerTeacher Portal
PowerSchool Student/Parent Portal

Information Systems Lead / Database Administrator : Nick Morse

Nick is a previous information systems coordinator for a local LEA. He understands all too well the demands for accurate data and information. He enjoys being a database administrator (Microsoft SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2008 R2, 2014, 2016; Oracle,PostGREs and MySQL) as well as leading the Information Systems Team.

Student Management System Coordinator : Garrett Burgett

Garrett is a former teacher who has experience in both the teacher and administrative sides of learning and student management systems.  He has spent his teaching career focusing on technology in the classroom and blended learning using Project Based and Standards Based methods.  He most recently has worked with Edify and Kent ISD developing courses and providing training. He will provide system training and support for PowerSchool users both on campus and for our LEAs. 

Student Information System Support : Mary Minnema

Mary helps to insure data quality and trouble shooting for our LEAs/PSAs. She provides application support for internal programs to ensure quality data practices are incorporated into program’s processes. She also supports numerous applications:, InterSpire Mail Marketer, and PHPQuentionaire to name a few.

PowerSchool Programmer and Technical Support: Peter Nethercott

Peter has worked as a data warehouse developer since the inception of the data warehouse. He has developed hundreds of reports for our LEAs/PSAs. He also is the developer/co-developer of many software applications, such as Great Start to Quality (GSQ), Truancy web application, and the IGOR ipad app. Peter will focus on web-base customizations.

Data Support Specialist: Kathi Thornton

Kathi is a data support specialist. Her focus is on reporting at the State and Local levels, working with pupil accounting, and troubleshooting all data quality issues with ISD programs.  She will provide application support for internal programs to ensure quality data practices are incorporated into program’s processes. 

Information Systems Contact Information
IS Administrator
Nick Morse (616) 365-2229
IS Support
Garrett Burgett (616) 301-6198 Mary Minnema (616) 365-2306
Peter Nethercott (616) 365-2287
Kathi Thornton (616) 447-2443