These organizations provide financial support to organizations that their employees volunteer with! 

3M’s employee matching program is both monetary and volunteer-based. They match gifts employees make to universities, hunger relief, environmental organizations, and thanksgiving-related donations. Employees who give 20 hours of volunteer time per year or retirees who give 25 hours per year make the organization they volunteer with eligible for a $250.00 donation from 3M.

Alliant Energy’s volunteers with benefits program asks their employees and retirees to track their volunteer hours between July 1 and June 30 of the following year. The employee should submit that record by August 31 and Alliant Energy will give a donation to the organization he or she volunteered with proportional to that employee’s volunteer hours. 50-149 hours of service will result in a $100 grant, 150 to 199 hours will receive $300, and 200 or more hours will earn $400.

Allstate’s Helping Hands Program asks employees of Allstate to track their volunteer hours in Allstate’s VolunteerMatch program and earn a $500 grant for 16 hours of volunteer service in a year. The deadline for application is November 15.

Bank of America recognizes their employee’s community service. They provide a platform for their employees to be profiled and celebrated for their efforts. Bank of America also offers a Matching Gifts Program, Volunteer Grants and Volunteer Release Time. Bank of America also offers a grant program for non-profit and community leader training and non-profit development, matching high school juniors and seniors to non-profits in their communities and funding paid internships for those students, a student leadership summit program in Washington, D.C., and more. You can request a sponsorship, a volunteer grant, or a matching gift by clicking here.

The Charles Schwab Foundation offers grants to nonprofit organizations that are recommended by a Schwab employee who volunteers in an organization. The organization should correspond to the initiatives of the Charles Schwab Foundation and promote financial capability.

Consumer’s Energy has a Volunteer Investment Program that rewards employees for volunteering in their communities by providing grants from $100 to $500 to the organizations their employees volunteer at. The CEEPSACER program doubles these grants if organizations are working toward the promises of America’s Promise — The Alliance for Youth, a collaborative network that builds upon the collective power of communities and partners to help fulfill the five promises for every young person in America. The five promises are: caring adults, safe places, a healthy start, marketable skills and opportunities to serve. Any program that fulfills two of these five promises is given double Volunteer Investment Grant money. 

The GM Student Corps is a program for students in Detroit High Schools. GM offers paid internships during the summer for these students, and the internship involves GM retirees as mentors/project managers that plan projects to clean up the city of Detroit. The students work on projects alongside their mentors such as cleaning and landscaping decrepit parks, assembling bicycles for underserved youth, public building renovations, launching recycling programs, and much more. The goal is to create healthy communities by bringing generations and races together to create positive change. The GM Student Corps is only open to Detroit schools, but GM funds similar initiatives elsewhere. 

JetBlue’s Community Connection Program is a program designed to redirect JetBlue’s corporate giving according to the individual passions of JetBlue employees.  The program rewards and recognizes crewmember dedication to the community by granting organizations of their choice a travel gift for every 25 hours they volunteer. Since the program’s launch, more than 1,900 JetBlue crewmembers have volunteered over 40,000 hours and served more than 268 non-profit partners. 

JetBlue's From Blue to You is a charity matching program that JetBlue has set up to encourage their employees to volunteer and get involved in the community. JetBlue will match a donation from employees who raise money for a cause. 

The Kellogg’s Cares program is created and funded by the Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund. For every ten hours that a Kellogg’s employee volunteers at an eligible organization, Kellogg’s contributes $100.00 to that organization. To be eligible, an organization must be located in the United States and a 501 (c)(3) non-profit or a governmental unit or educational institution. Restrictions to eligibility include organizations that are religious or political or where the volunteer has a personal membership. There is a simple application that the organization receiving the volunteer hours must fill out and send to Kellogg’s. 

Maner Costerian CPA firm sponsors food drives, fundraisers and other community events throughout the year. They are passionate about encouraging their employees to volunteer. If you work with Maner Costerian, consider that they may be interested in supporting your volunteer efforts or engaging in them in the workplace. 

Staples' 2 Million and Change Grants encourage community engagement by awarding large grants to organizations where associates are engaged in volunteering or fundraising — up to $25,000 per organization. In 2014, U.S. grants were awarded to 990 local non-profit organizations in 47 states. Grants supported a range of education and job skills programs, including tutoring for pediatric cancer patients, skills development for individuals with disabilities, school supplies, mentoring and more. To apply, make a connection with a Staples associate through a local Staples store or other location. Engage associates in your organization through volunteering or fundraising. Ask to be nominated for the Staples 2 Million and Change Grant. You will then be invited to submit a grant application.

Starbuck’s Partner Match program provides up to $1500 in donations to match time or money donations of their employees. Any Starbucks employee (partner) can request that their volunteer efforts be supported by Starbucks. 25-49 hours of service will be matched with a $250 donation; 50 to 74 hours with $500; 75-99 with $750, and 100 or more with $1,000. Financial donations by employees will be matched up to $1,500. These hours are counted and awarded quarterly. Starbucks also supports their employee’s volunteerism by creating a platform for employees to talk about what is important to them and post volunteer opportunities.


In addition, many organizations give seasonally or host giving and volunteerism campaigns over the holidays. Businesses like Blue Flame Thinking have December service campaigns. Rhoades McKee has a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service to encourage employees to honor the legacy of MLK. Consider asking if your employer might be interested in supporting a holiday-based day of service!